Another of the SmithGroup summer interns (although in an architecture studio rather than marketing) and a friend of mine, Sharon, finished her SmithGroup stint recently. Before she left I gave her a mini exit interview:

H: What one word would you use to describe your internship?
S: Awesome!

H: What is your most memorable SmithGroup experience (for whatever reason)?
S: So I called in sick Monday because I had a cold. Got a little better and came in Tuesday morning. Was told I would be going to the presentation meeting 15 minutes before leaving. I was excited but freaked out because I was mess and wasn’t dressed properly (I’m a girl, it does matter what we wear!). All in all, it was a rush, but very surreal and great experience. Got to do behind-the-scenes task and set up the materials on site.

H: What is the biggest lesson you have learned here?
S: No question is a stupid question. It’s stupid if you don’t ask it.

H: What was the most surprising thing to you about your internship?
S: My coworkers at SmithGroup were so supportive of me learning as much as possible about every aspect of architecture and interiors. I learned a lot more about the field and how many different tasks there can be. Glad I was able to learn so many bits and pieces!

H: What advice would you give an incoming SmithGroup intern?
S: Don’t be afraid to take any opportunity you get. You may feel uncomfortable, but if you’re comfortable, you’re not learning.

My takeaway from her interview and from my own intern experience: New to a company/school/class/subject/city/any other setting?
THEN ASK QUESTIONS. Be confident, but don’t pretend you know it.
Because you don’t.