Former pediatrician Karen Li wrote a great article for Newsweek on why, after 10 years as a pediatrician in private practice, she said goodbye to the career she loved. The article offers a revealing look at the consequences of managed care, a paradigm (and, as Li attests, a blight) of American healthcare for the past 20 years. An excerpt of her article:

“No longer did we have extra time to spend with our patients. No longer could we prescribe the best medication. No longer could we send our patients to the best specialist or hospital. No longer could we order all the necessary tests to make a diagnosis. No longer did medicine make any sense. Why would a businessman or, worse yet, the HMO secretary with a treatment algorithm on her desk have any right to tell us what was best for our patients? After all, who had the medical training?”

(Li also happens to be the doctor who pounded my back immediately after I was born. I hope that if I had been able to, I would have looked her in the eye and said thank you.)