Anca Lungu, summer intern in the Healthcare studio, takes a break from her day to talk to me about her SmithGroup experience.

H: In one sentence, describe your internship.
A: It was a great learning experience that made me realize school does not teach you half of the things that you actually need to know.

H: What is your most memorable SmithGroup experience (for whatever reason)?
A: I think that my most memorable experience here was when they gave me a task that when I started my internship they did not think I was ready for. It made me think I improved myself over the course of my internship.

H: What is the biggest lesson you have learned here?
A: The communication between people is very important to create a good and productive environment.

H: What was the most surprising thing to you about your internship?
A: How people at SmithGroup work really hard but they also have the opportunity to have fun.

H: What advice would you give an incoming SmithGroup intern?
A: Never be scared to ask questions, even when everybody looks intimidating. They were all, at one point or another, in your shoes. Don’t ignore any chance that comes your way and also never think that you are not capable of doing something.