It’s my last day at SmithGroup. I can’t believe it! As an outgoing intern, I asked myself the same questions as I have of other SmithGroup interns. Here’s my interview with myself. (No, I’m not schizophrenic.)

Sum up your internship in 10 words or fewer.
SmithGroup’s a great place to have your first “real” job.

What is your most memorable SmithGroup experience (for whatever reason)?
One afternoon Vanessa had planned to attend a “Meet the Press” marketing event but couldn’t make it, and so she sent me to attend and take notes. I got to hear John King speak – he’s an urban design writer for the Chronicle whom I really admire.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned here?
Put yourself out there and ask questions. Other interns have already said this, but it can’t be stressed enough. No one will fault you for not knowing the answer, and you can learn what you need to and move on.

What was the most surprising thing to you about your internship?
How relaxed and friendly people are here! Before I started I worried I would somehow be in over my head in the “corporate world,” but the people I worked with this summer were helpful and understanding, not to mention fun.

What advice would you give an incoming SmithGroup intern?
Put yourself in the places of the people you’re working with/for. What do they need from your end? What would they appreciate seeing from you?

What specifically is the coolest thing you’ve gotten to do this summer?
I’ve loved blogging for The Water Cooler, as well as writing for my external blog on issues of design and health. Attending the full range of office events – Bagel Design Reviews, BrownBag and GreenBag presentations, SGU Special Presentations  – and blogging about them has given me a great inside look at this company and the world of design.